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Mike Margolies Team BuildingMeeting Event Planners have Mike Margolies: Author of The Athlete within You jump start your organization with his process oriented program “Finding the Athlete within You- a mental approach to sports & business” He basically helps people in business and sports, Not Choke! Mike is an expert at helping you change your thinking.  Help your executives, marketing, advertising, sales or project management teams-  you want to have him train your organization so you can get the bottom line results you are looking for:  Let Mike show you how you can perform like World Class Athletes in business, sports and in life.  Mike Margolies is a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association. Get Mike’s Speaker One Sheet here: Margolies One Sheet 2014

Leadership, Teamwork, Attitude, Stress Management and Goal Achievement are just a few areas that are impacted when you conquer the challenges of your Mental Game. These life lessons can be applied on the field or in the boardroom, and Mike is able to cater each presentation to match the audience that he is speaking to.

Success is a choice, the ability to do what it takes is a learned skill. Mike connects with each person that he talks to, in order to help them make the choice and apply their skills, in order to take their game to the next level.

Topics Include:

  • The Game within the Game-­ Emotional Intelligence and performance on the field or in the boardroom-
  • The Athlete within You -A mental approach to sports and business-
  • Leaders on the Field- Learning from sport to create better businesses success-
  • The Fury- Finding the passion to succeed- motivating from within-
  • Mental Toughness – On being vulnerable & overcoming shame-
  • Team Building- Competition & Cooperation are not mutually exclusive-

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Mike Margolies SeminarsPresentation (up to 90 Minutes) in USA $5,000.00  (Includes 50 copies of Mike’s book;  If more are needed, they are available at a savings). Mike has a number of options which may be negotiated to meet your budget requirements. Full Day Program in USA  $10,000 (Also includes 75 copies of Mike’s book.  If more are needed, they are available at a savings) Deposits: Zero requirement is required to confirm date. Payment is due at the presentation.  5% discount if full payment is received in advance of program. Travel Expenses:  Travel Expenses will be added to the speaking fee.  Unrestricted round trip business class airfare, ground transportation, and moderate meals.  Hotel needs to be guaranteed for late arrival and billed directly to your organization. Cancellation Policy:  If the program is canceled for an reason more that sixty-one (61) days prior to the agreed date, it is policy to reschedule (within 12 months) for the same fee.  If you cancel the program sixty (60) days or less before the date of the program, the full speaking fee is due and payable by the date of the original program. Note:  Video/Audio Rights are negotiable. Please contact our office at 425-241-6539 for information on booking Mike Margolies and his Athlete within You Program for your organization. Mike is a National Speakers Association NW member.

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