Here are some reviews of some of my speaking engagements, seminars and workshops. I will add reviewsMike Margolies Keynote speaker from time to time for variety, more based on different speaking environments, than on the kind words people have left for me.

Train Consortium comments following the Game within the Game presentation

  • Enjoyed this very much.  It addressed one of my core issues.  Fear of Failure/Success. 
  • Emotional Intelligence of self will help with my staff.
  • EI is truly something I can still work on.  Good relevant stories.
  • Glad to see a training that focuses on internal factors that lead to failure or success.  This is a very important topic not often talked about at work.  Nice job!
  • Good content – I liked the discussions and exercises.
  • I could have listened longer and learned more – calm and very effective speaker
  • Because the class was after lunch – presenter would have been more successful by more audience participation.  Stories were great!
  • I can apply these techniques at both home and work.  Thanks!
  • Thanks for the gap training exercise
  • Great! Wish it was longer
  • Funny, engaging, great workshop!
  • He really grabs people’s attention.  We can all relate and put the information to use in our lives
  • Awesome!  I can use what you talked about in my personal and professional life.

E & M Services comments following a seminar titled-
Leadership using Emotional Intelligence, from the Field to the Boardroom-
“The management team, came back to the oil field with a different outlook and learned about the importance of actually listening to employees rather than interrupting to get his/her point across.”
-Diana C. Laris, MHRM, HR Director E & M Services, Watford, ND Oil & Gas Industry

Mike, it was a pleasure to have you on the show Saturday. I just had a business/listener call me and tell me that he enjoyed the show…and your interview; they said you are the ‘Tony Robbins of Sports’! Looking forward to having you back on the show soon.
~Gena Pitts, Pro Sports Lives Radio

WAFS Biz 1190 AM – Atlanta, GA

Mike…that was great! Thanks so much for coming in and also the copy of your book. I look forward to reading it. You now hold the prestigious honor of being voted by the students as the best guest I have brought in for this group of students! Congrats. Thanks again
~Tim Vagen, CSCS, FMSC

Program Manager
Personal Fitness Trainer Program
Highline Community College

Mike mesmerized 900 students at The Overlake School with his deep understanding of the human psyche.  Whether presenting to 300 or small classes of 12, Mike knows how to connect and inspire!  Thanks for being our Expert-in-Residence for the entire week.
~Melody Gulledge
Expert-in-Residence coordinator
The Overlake School

Thanks so much for a great performance and your valuable expertise.
~Michael Lancey- MBA | EA | CHAE |
President- Hospitality, Financial, and Technology Professionals (HFTP)
Mckenzie Chase Management, Inc.

Mike- really nice to meet you and hear your message …and good to know we are neighbors as well. Yes, your work would be great to build into our Business University Seminar Series.  I am copying Chad Rudolph on this, who is running our Business Development Committee. Their work involves finding speakers who can present interesting, unique and compelling topics on how a business person can improve his/her performance at work or in life.  Your presentation would be perfect for one of our winter or spring workshops. 
“Chad, I heard Mike yesterday where he presented on his extensive work as a sports psychologist, helping top athletes improve their performance through stronger mental focus, relaxation, visualization, preparedness, etc.  He does the same with business professionals and others.   Very interesting stuff! It would make a great program.” 
~Matthew B. Bott, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce

Mike is a published author and international speaker. A skilled professional consultant who knows his stuff, Mike helps his clients get the results oftentimes they don’t think they can.
~Don Burrows
Bilingual Résumé Strategist, and Author of New Kindle series
“How to Get Interview! Stop Sending Job Search Junk Mail”


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