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Mike Margolies Seminars

Walk away from Mike’s presentations with Emotional Intelligence, Mental Toughness, Laser Focus and the ability to Win the Mental Game.

Mike Margolies is an experienced trainer, teacher and presenter. He has a number of programs to help businesses move to the next level. He offers Seminars, Workshops and more to Associations, Corporations and Sports Organizations. All of his offerings are customized to meet your needs.

The Game within the Game- Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Be it business or sports it’s the game we play by ourselves and the one we play against each other. It’s about what we tell ourselves preparing for, during and after any competition. It’s about self-confidence, stress management, concentration, goals, visualization and motivation. The game is one we play to best prepare for the game that takes place on a field or in the boardroom. How we play this game determines our success. How we develop and use our emotional intelligence makes all of the difference in the world. it is really easy to say people understand this. For years I’ve asked the question to audiences how much of your game is mental? Most everyone says between 70-90%. When I follow it with do you work on the mental side, virtually no one says that they do. This is the opportunity to gain control of the most important part of your game. And when your game is business or sports it makes a huge difference. Understanding that: Your Thoughts are essential Your Commitment is crucial Confidence is imperative Motivation dominates your actions And it is you who is in control of it all! Personal development does not stop at the conference or with the presentation. If you do not leave with practical exercises where was the value? I trust you will leave here with some real life exercises and suggestions that will empower you, transform you and help you choose a path that will make your life more rewarding, and that you will find the athlete within you.

Executive Mental Training 

Executive Mental Training program has been designed to teach business managers and executives the mental skills necessary for mental toughness. The content has been adapted from the programs designed and implemented with professional and Olympic athletes. Just as with elite athletes, business professionals must control their thoughts and emotions so they can perform their best when it matters the most. Sports analogies are used extensively throughout the in-person and online training. As such, it helps to be an athlete or sport enthusiast, but it is not a requirement because sports analogies permeate the very fiber of the business world. It is difficult to sit through a meeting where a sports analogy or metaphor is not in play.

Team Building for Businesses, Non Profits, and Direct Sales Organizations

While I have been helping build teams for over thirty years I have now expanded and offering team building events for all types of non-sport organizations. These events can be 1/2 day events or full weekend retreats. We have programs that will blend into your event or we can put an event on for you. Let us show you why the sports world offers you great insight into how your organization can function at the highest level. Most Team Building workshops offer insights into how a team succeeds through cooperation. Many organizations play down the competitive nature of the business environment, yet this is the reality of most organizations. Promotions, project selection and salary are dependent on being competitive. seminars workshops more

The secret however is how to succeed through both cooperative and competitive environments.  If you think about a football or soccer team players must work together to succeed while at the same time compete for playing time with their team mates. Good teams thrive in this competitive environment. In the corporate / business world employees find themselves working on projects or in teams where they must both cooperate and compete with others. Learning to thrive in this pressurized can have great effects on an organization.

Every wonder why people that played on sports teams miss them so much. What if you could create a corporate culture that no one ever wanted to leave? Let The Mental Game help get your organization moving in the right direction.

Respect, admiration, discipline, cohesion and even competition are all attributes of good teams. A competitive environment is not in opposition to a good working environment. Respect and Cohesion are easier to achieve when missions and goals are clearly defined. Learn how to utilize everyone’s emotional intelligence to further your organizations mission.

These activities are fun, intellectually stimulating and can have a tremendously positive effect on your company or organizations direction. Events are flexible and designed to work with you mission statement and goals. Call us today and let us prepare an individualized program to meet all of your needs. We will work within your budget to produce a memorable event with lasting meanings. More information on team building please visit the Team Building page.


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