Meet Mike Margolies

Mike enthralled an overflow audience of administrators, coaches and athletes for 7 hours. His presentation on Mental Toughness and the Game within the Game  was great. He won everyone over with his humor and expertise. Mike was gracious with his time and made sure that our participants understood mental toughness.

Frank M

CEO, National Sports Management

Presentations on Mental Toughness, Emotional Intelligence, Performance Enhancement and How to not Choke under pressure!

Wouldn’t you like to walk away from a presentation with  Emotional Intelligence, Mental Toughness, Laser Focus and the ability to Win the Mental Game. Meet Mike Margolies. He’s a Dynamic Cutting Edge Sport Psychology Consultant who has trained professional and elite athletes for three decades. He has helped guide many to World Championships, the Super Bowl and now The World Cup. He helps people in Sports and Business not Choke! Do you want reach higher levels of success, so you can perform like the champion that is hidden within you?

You may notice that the picture at the top and the guy in the video don’t really match up. I assure you both are me. Just took some time to overcome a health issue and re-emerge with greater energy. The shaved head had nothing whatsoever to do with the health issue, that was a choice. Let’s get together and see how mental toughness and emotional intelligence can help your organization commit to positive change. Learn how overcoming adversity becomes an opportunity for growth. Yes we can! Be Brave, Do Good, Change Lives!  — Mike Margolies

Mike Margolies is an expert who specializes in helping people to overcome daily mental challenges, by using emotional intelligence and mental training. Having worked extensively with professional and elite athletes for over three decades, Mike has helped thousands of people incorporate the mindset of a champion. Whether you are building a new team or helping your current team enhance performance, Mike has a program that will help you achieve the results that you desire. His presentations are both motivating and entertaining, to boost each audience member to higher levels of performance.  Download Mike’s Speaker One Sheet by clicking on this link: Margolies One Sheet 2014

Leadership using Emotional Intelligence, from the Field to the Boardroom-
“The management team, came back to the oil field with a different outlook and learned about the importance of actually listening to employees rather than interrupting to get his/her point across.”

Diana C. Laris, MHRM

HR Director, E & M Services, Watford, ND Oil & Gas Industry

Mike, it was a pleasure to have you on the show Saturday. I just had a business/listener call me and tell me that he enjoyed the show…and your interview; they said you are the ‘Tony Robbins of Sports’! Looking forward to having you back on the show soon.

Gena Pitts

Radio Host, Pro Sports Lives Radio, ~ WAFS Biz 1190 AM – Atlanta, GA

Mike mesmerized 900 students at The Overlake School with his deep understanding of the human psyche.  Whether presenting to 300 or small classes of 12, Mike knows how to connect and inspire!  Thanks for being our Expert-in-Residence for the entire week.

Melody Gulledge

Expert-in-Residence coordinator, The Overlake School

  • EI is truly something I can work on.  Good relevant stories.
  • Enjoyed this very much. Funny, engaging, great workshop!
  • He really grabs people’s attention.  We can all relate and put the information to use in our lives
  • Awesome!
Western Washington Managers and Supervisors