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Mike Margolies is a Dynamic Cutting Edge Sport Psychology Consultant who has trained professional and elite athletes for three decades. He has helped guide many to World Championships, the Super Bowl and now The World Cup. He helps people in Sports and Business, Not Choke! So let's meet Mike Margolies.Mike Margolies speaker

Do you want reach higher levels of success, so you can perform like the champion that is hidden within you?

Mike Margolies is an expert who specializes in helping people to overcome daily mental challenges, by using emotional intelligence and mental training. Having worked extensively with professional and elite athletes for over three decades, Mike has helped thousands of people incorporate the mindset of a champion. Whether you are building a new team or helping your current team enhance performance, Mike has a program that will help you achieve the results that you desire. His presentations are both motivating and entertaining, to boost each audience member to higher levels of performance.

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Walk away from Mike’s presentations with Emotional Intelligence, Mental Toughness, Laser Focus and the ability to Win the Mental Game.

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Mike Margolies is a Certified Mental Trainer®, Sport Psychology Consultant, Author, Radio Host, Professional Speaker and so much more. Let him convince you that you should play the game within the game. The Athlete within You is waiting to emerge.  Maybe you just need to learn the rules.

His book is called “The Athlete within You”: A Mental Approach to Sports and Business.  The Athlete within You by Mike Margolies

More information on booking Mike may be found at: Author, Speaker, Sport Psychology Consultant - Mike Margolies

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